Special Risks

The in-depth analysis of your problem on a special risk, combined with our expertise in this field, will allow us to offer you the best service.

Dedicated teams of specialists carry out risk audits, advise their clients and provide them with timely, relevant and appropriate responses to each situation.

Whether it concerns specific risks related to a particular activity, products, a country, personalities or, more often, “events”, F.A.C. has a dedicated team for all these types of situations. F.A.C also offers specific insurance products for federations, sports clubs (professional and amateur) and athletes in all disciplines.

Through a transparent and detailed study of each client’s real needs and by analysing the adequacy of existing guarantees with the perimeters thus determined, F.A.C. is able to recommend tailor-made solutions when organising events, such as cancellation for weather reasons or feedback on advertising, for example.

How can we help you?

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