Our business

F.A.C. designs and optimizes insurance programs in all areas of corporate risk, for all industrial and commercial activities, and for all companies, regardless of their size.

Our vocation

We are committed to providing effective support to our clients with regard to all their risk management issues in an increasingly competitive environment.

Our mission

We are committed to the implementation of complementary skills that are essential in dealing with customers and prospects, in developing insurance solutions and placing them in the markets, in the administrative management of contracts, and in compensation as soon as possible after a claim.

Our organisation

We are structured around professionals who are your privileged interlocutors, possessing all the expertise relating to each risk to be insured. These are organization specialists, information systems specialists, dedicated account managers and compensation managers.

Our know-how

We are skilled in identifying our clients’ needs in order to offer them the right insurance solution, placed with insurers and reinsurers selected for their quality.

How can we help you?

Contact us for any information request; we are here to help you in your steps.